School Closure

It may be necessary to close the school in exceptional circumstances. Situations that this may need to occur include:

  • Adverse weather e.g. snow/ice
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Breakdown of heating system
  • Other emergency situation

Procedure in the event of School Closure
A decision to close the school will follow appropriate risk assessment to determine the extent to which the school is safe for children and staff in addition to the practicality of maintaining this and the function of the school and its building. A final decision will also take into account guidance from Surrey County Council's Risk Manangement Team and/or the Emergency Services as required.

Once a decision has been made, the following steps will be taken to notify parents/carers as soon as possible.

Email Communication via ParentMail
We will send an email to all parents and carers registered with our ParentMail system.

School Website
Information will also be updated and available on the home page of the school website.

The School Office
The phone system will be updated with information about any closure. Please ring 01737 245065 and listen to the initial phone message.

Local Radio
Closure information will also be shared with the local radio stations for them to use as they wish in their bulletins.

Extreme Circumstances
Should it be necessary to close the school during the school day, consideration will be made to ensure the safe journey of children and their families home. As above, should closure be necessary it will follow risk assessment and after taking advice from relevant agencies. The above communication channels will similarly be adopted to share information.

Adverse Weather
In the event of particularly poor weather, information regarding school closure will be shared by 7:30am, which will be updated daily.

Travelling to School
We would like to remind parents that ultimately it is up to parents to make the decision on whether it is safe for them and their child to travel to school. However, if school is open, then any absence will be recorded as such.

Parents should assume that the school is open and running as normal unless it is communicated otherwise.