At Reigate Priory School, in line with our Learning Policy and our commitment to the principles of an inclusive education for all, we recognise that all our pupils are individuals, with their own strengths and areas to develop.  Within this range of individuality, we acknowledge that there are learners who are most able academically but also in other subject areas like the Arts and sport.

We consider that every child has the right to be included in, and receive, a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum; and that each pupil is entitled to have the opportunity to be in appropriate education which challenges, motivates and rewards them so that they can fulfil their individual potential.

Most able learners are provided with appropriately challenging provision that engages and inspires them to build upon their knowledge and explore new areas of learning. In the classroom, they are encouraged to be creative, curious and imaginative whilst sustaining a high level of perseverance and determination.

Pupils are given opportunities to suggest ideas for investigation, increase their independence and have opportunities to work with or alongside others of similar ability. Through quality first teaching, pupils are offered tasks that require higher order thinking, analysis and evaluation and are given enquiry based problem solving tasks that open up a range of different thinking skills. We also recognise the importance of offering these pupils time to explore and give opportunities to suggest ideas for investigation.