Teacher Led Clubs 

At Reigate Priory we have a wide and varied range of extra-curricular activities which are organised by teaching staff at lunchtime or after school. They are available to our pupils free of charge. Although no payment is necessary, your child is still required to show a strong degree of commitment.

Any clubs with limited spaces or are held after school require a completed parental reply slip giving permission for your child to attend. Please click on the relevant link below and complete the google form at least one day before the club takes place. 

All clubs will be allocated on a strictly first come first served basis. Having completed the permission slip, please assume that your child has a place in the club – you will only be contacted if the club is full and your child has not obtained a place.  

Specific information relating to a club such as equipment required is provided on the the newsletter below, If you or your child has any questions, please speak directly to the lead teacher of the club. Up-to-date information regarding Teacher Led Clubs can be found on the Clubs Noticeboard outside 3JE in the Year 3 corridor.

Teacher Led Clubs Start:                            Monday 8th January 2024

Teacher Led Clubs Finish:                          Friday 15th March 2024

Exceptions (No Teacher Led Clubs):          Half Term: Monday 12th February – Friday 16th February 2024

INSET Day:                                                    2nd January 2024

Total weeks of Teacher Led Clubs:             9 weeks

Other information:                                       After school Teacher Led Clubs will finish at 4.15pm.

*Autumn and Spring Clubs finish at 4.15pm / Summer Clubs finish at 4.30pm*

Teacher Led Clubs Timetable and Information - SPRING 2024 NEWSLETTER COMING SOON 

Cross Country 

Fitness (20)

Irish Dancing (12) 

Love of Lanuages (20)

Y3 Mindful Colouring (30)

Y3 & 4 Boys Football (20) 

Y3 & 4 Girls Football (20)

Y3 & 4 Sketching (18) 

Y3 & 4 Gardening (Limited space) - Starting in February

Y4 & 5 Coding (30) 

Y4 & 5 Model (10)

Y4, 5 & 6 Warhammer (12) 

Y5 & 6 Storeytime (10)

Y5 Girls Football (30)

Y5 Gardening (Limited space) - Starting in February

Y5 & 6 Music (20)

Y6 Football (30) 

Y6 Netball (30) 

Y6 Gardening (Limited Space) - Starting in February

Y6 Drama (30) 

Y6 Girls Football (30)


Extra-curricular clubs are provided to children to further their learning and enjoyment at Reigate Priory. They are enrichment opportunities and should not be used as dedicated childcare before or after school. If you require before school childcare, places at the school’s Breakfast Club are available to book on WisePay. If you require after school childcare, please contact T-Club-6.

To ensure a fun and safe experience, children are expected to arrive with the correct clothing and equipment. Please support your child in this matter. If your child does not possess the correct kit for any activity, they may not be allowed to take part.

All children are expected to demonstrate a high standard of behaviour for any activity or club. Should their behaviour be deemed unacceptable, particularly with regards to safety, they may not be allowed to participate and may lose their place in that club.

Attendance does not guarantee that any child will represent the school at events or competitions. Children who are selected to represent the school must demonstrate high standards of behaviour, both in and out of school.

Commercial clubs are entirely separate from the school. Any issues, problems or queries, such as those regarding cancellation, should be made directly to the provider of that club.