Communicating with School

Communication and Access to Teachers and Staff

Communication and cooperation is key to a successful home – school partnership that will help nurture and support your child’s learning.  

We have a clear progression of communication to ensure any question, query or concern is dealt with as effectively as possible.

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Home school communication pathway 2023 24

Our welcoming Reception team includes:

V Guy v2 Miss V. Guy (Front Desk)

Louise Gray A Ms L. Gray (Front Desk)

Teachers are available for discussion about matters arising from your child’s wellbeing and learning before and after school. You are welcome to arrange a mutually convenient meeting if it is likely to be more than a quick message or question that can be asked in the playground at home time.  Appointments can be arranged via School Reception either in person, by telephone or by email using

All parents and carers should report to the School Reception in the Front Entrance Hall when visiting the school.

Office staff will forward your request to the appropriate member of staff who will aim to respond to you
within 48 hours.

Parents and carers may view their child's records in National Curriculum subjects upon written request.  The school will provide this within one calendar month.

It is very important that we communicate to solve any problems or misunderstandings as swiftly and constructively as possible. If you have a comment, compliment or concern about our school then please contact the school directly using the lines of communication illustrated above.

For complaints, please click on the link below:

Reigate Priory School - Complaints Procedure 

Application for Leave of Absence

Reigate Priory Junior School firmly believes that all children benefit from regular school attendance. A full and uninterrupted presence gives children the opportunity fulfil their academic and social potential but also contributes significantly to establishing a positive learning and work ethic.  

The school recognises the importance of school holidays (12 weeks per year) for children to rest, recuperate and enjoy spending quality time together as a family. However, term time is for learning therefore it is not acceptable for children to miss school.  

If a family needs to request absence in term-time then an 'Application for Leave of Absence Form' must be completed at least two weeksbefore the leave date and include adequate explanation to why the leave is necessary.  

The Headteacher will not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are ‘exceptional circumstances,’ restricting it to absences for events such as weddings and funerals of immediate family members. No leave will be authorised if the child’s attendance is less than 95%.

Application for Leave of Absence Form

Parental Agreement to Administer Medicine

Reigate Priory School will not give your child medicine unless you complete and sign the appropriate form.  If more than one medicine is to be given, a separate form should be completed for each one.  If your child has a fracture and requires the use of crutches, please complete the second page of the document below.

Parental Agreement for Reigate Priory School to Administer Medicine