Mission, Aims, Values and Vision

Our Mission

                        BOTH INSIDE AND OUT’

Reigate Priory School’s educational philosophy is captured in four interpretations of our mission:

Bringing Learning ‘to’ Life 
Creation of Life Long Learners – Provision of knowledge, understanding, skill and application for an ever changing world.

Bringing Learning to ‘Life’
Adding colour to the curriculum through innovation and creativity – Ensuring enjoyment, engagement and inspiration through a diverse range of opportunity. 

Inside and Out
Inside the building – Ensuring what we do in the classroom is of the highest quality, exceeds standards and expectation not just of the National Curriculum but of Reigate Priory School and the children and families it serves.

Outside the building – Providing first hand, real life experience and context. A commitment to the use of the Outdoor Classroom and Outdoor Education on a local, regional and international scale.

Inside and Out
Inside the child – Developing academic ability but recognising the essential role of nurturing self-esteem, confidence, courage and resilience.

Outside the child – Supporting children’s ability to connect, collaborate and cooperate through the strengthening of interpersonal and social skills.

Growing out of this philosophy are our twelve aims and associated values.

Our Aims

We aim for our pupils to be:

Positive, thriving Reigate Priory children:

  • Being happy and confident individuals.
  • Being safe, caring for themselves, others and leading a healthy lifestyle.
  • Maintaining composure in the face of challenge and opportunity.
  • Communicating their views and opinions whilst respecting those of others.

Empowered contributors to the Reigate Priory School community and beyond:

  • Connecting with others, respecting diversity and taking part in their wider community.
  • Caring for their environment and being proactive in their responsibilities towards it, the economy and society as a whole.
  • Seeking solutions independently and co-operatively

Lifelong Learners who reach High Standards and make Good Progress:

  • Showing commitment, pride and enthusiasm for learning now and into the future.
  • Displaying creativity and flair and being curious, asking questions and exploring.
  • Making connections in their learning and applying it across a range of experiences.
  • Having the courage to take risks with their learning and challenging themselves to progress.
  • Maintaining concentration and evaluating their achievements and errors, identifying next steps.

These aims are broken down into manageable objectives that form the basis of the teaching and ethos of our school.

Our Values

Reigate Priory Values

Reigate Priory School Vision 2021 - 26

"Fit for the Future"

Fit for the future

Reigate Priory is a unique and fully enclosed school where children an staff feel safe, cared for and can fully benefit from the opportunitites the building and setting offer.

Reigate Priory will have children with the knowledge and skills to be confident and capable online citizens who access the advantages of the digial and virtual world respectfully, critically and constructively.

Reigate Priory has happy, active and enthusiastic children who attain above national averages and benfit from a range of extra-curricular and residential experiences.

Reigate Priory will have children who rise beyond the academic expectations of the National Curriculum, thriving in a strengthened learning culture that embraces the latest educational research, is responsive to changes in society and further builds their confidence and resilience.

Reigate Priory has dedicated, innovative and aspirational staff that work collaboratively and cohesively in support of each other and in evaluative structures to achieve the best outcomes for children.

Reigate Priory will have embedded professional development systems that better promote the ongoing learning, wellbeing and career ambitions of the staff that ultimately contribute to improved outcomes for children.

Reigate Priory is a unique school in its history, setting and vibrant education that is well respected and a cherished part at the heart of the Reigate community.

Reigate Priory will have made the transition to a new home successfully, retaining its unique identity, benefiting from new opportunities and ready for the future, so all members of the learning community continue to be Proud to be Priory.

Reigate Priory operates within established systems that provide stability to the organisation and create the platform for high standards and outcomes.

Reigate Priory will work within the most efficient and cohesive systems that promote and maintain high standards and outcomes while also ensuring children and staff wellbeing.

Reigate Priory has well behaved, polite and respectful children who participate in a wide range of enriching opportunities to promote this and care passionately about the world around them.

Reigate Priory will have children who possess the understanding, skills and self-belief to channel their aspirations and passions, overcoming any barriers, into sustained positive change that makes a difference to their own lives, the lives of others and the environment.

System Leader
Reigate Priory was a system leader within the South East Surrey Teaching Alliance (SESTA), working together to engage, inspire and empower locally and regionally to achieve learning and excellence.

Reigate Priory will have maintained its collegiate relationships both locally and regionally, engaging with new school support structures including SAfE for its benefit, that of other schools and colleagues.

Full Strategic Vision with Milestones.