Mission, Aims, Values and Vision

Our Mission

'Bringing learning to life both inside and out.'

Our Aims

We aim for all our learners to fulfil their potential by:

  • Showing commitment to, enthusiasm for, life-long learning.
  • Caring for the environment and being proactive in their responsibilities towards it, the economy and society as a whole.
  • Connecting with others, respecting diversity and taking part in their wider community.
  • Being happy and confident individuals.
  • Having the courage to take risks with their learning and challenging themselves to progress.
  • Being safe, caring for themselves, others and leading a healthy lifestyle.
  • Making connections in their learning and applying it across a range of experiences.
  • Seeking solutions independently and co-operatively, demonstrating compromise when necessary.
  • Communicating their views and opinions whilst respecting those of others.
  • Maintaining concentration and evaluating their achievements and errors, identifying next steps.
  • Displaying creativity and flair.
  • Being curious, asking questions and exploring.

Our Values

  • Communication
  • Co-operation
  • Creativity
  • Confidence
  • Courage
  • Commitment
  • Concentration
  • Caring
  • Connection
  • Curiosity
  • Challenge
  • Compromise

Our Vision

Reigate Priory is at the heart of the central Reigate community and offers a unique setting for learning where children feel safe.

Reigate Priory will have a fully enclosed site that allows children space to play and learn safely and fully exploit the opportunities the unique building and setting offer them.

Reigate Priory has happy, active and enthusiastic children who attain above national averages and benefit from a wide range of extra-curricular experiences.

Reigate Priory will have children who have risen beyond the academic expectations of the National Curriculum to develop into young people that are confident and respectful global citizens for the 21st Century.

Reigate Priory staff and Governors are highly committed, talented and effective professionals and work within well-established evaluative and developmental systems.

Reigate Priory staff and Governors will work within efficient and SMART structures that promote their personal and professional development, well-being and career ambitions and that ultimately contribute to improved outcomes for children.

Reigate Priory works in partnership with individual parents as well as the PTA to support children and the wider school provision.

Reigate Priory School will identify and engage its community of supporters, alumni and other stakeholders to mutually benefit all those who are ‘Proud to be Priory’, past, present and future.

System Leaders
Reigate Priory is a triple ‘Outstanding’ school with recent Teaching School status and is part of an emergent Teaching Alliance (SESTA). 

Reigate Priory will be an established system leader within SESTA, working together to engage, inspire and empower locally, regionally and nationally to achieve teaching and learning excellence.