Headteacher - Mr. O. Moses

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs. J. Dean

School Business Manager - Mrs. S. Grieco

Year 3 Class Teacher & Assistant Headteacher - Mrs. P. Francis      
Year 4 Class Teacher & Assistant Headteacher - Mr J. Wells
Year 5 Class Teacher & Assistant Headteacher - Mrs. H. Maestro
Year 6 Class Teacher & Assistant Headteacher - Mr. D. Wallington   

Special Educational Needs & Disability Coordinator (SENDCO) - Mrs. C. Boothroyd

Pupil Premium Leader - Mrs. P. Fegan


Mr. D. Burge - Yr 5
Mr N. Blake - Yr 4
Miss. L. Caterino - Yr 4
Mr J. Coring - Yr 6
Miss. F. Curtis - Yr 6
Miss. L. Downham  - Yr 5
Mrs. J. Ewbank - Yr 3
Miss K. Hardy - Yr 5
Miss. V. Hickson - Yr 5
Miss A. Hunter - Yr 6
Mrs R. Mehmood - Yr 3 
Miss. R. Miller - Yr 4
Mr. O. Morris - Yr 6
Mr. A. Pearce - Yr 4
Mrs. J Redelinghuys - Yr 3
Miss. V. Smith - Yr 4
Mrs. A. Wallington - Yr 3
Mr. D. Welch - Yr 3
Mrs. L. Young - Yr 3
Senior Teacher - Mrs. L. Challis - Yr 4
Senior Teacher - Mrs L. Fry - Yr 4
Mr C. Barton - SCITT trainee


Year Group Based Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTA):
Y3 - Ms. C. Manners
Y4 - Mrs. S. Carter & Mr. A. Lombardi
Y5 - Mrs. E. Bogers & Mrs S. Brown
Y6 - Mrs. C. Setterfield 

Pupil Premium HLTA:
Mrs. I. Paric-Lewis

Pastoral Care Teaching Assistant (PCTA):
Mrs. C. Lambert


SEND Teaching Assistants :
Year 3:
Mrs. D. Middledtich

Year 4:
Mrs. S. Dunlop

Year 5:
Mrs. C. Lambert

Year 6:
Mrs. N. Merry

Mrs. C. Lambert 

SEN Learning Mentors:
Mrs  L. Binedell 
Ms L. Brannagan
Mrs. H. Church 
Miss R. David
Mrs. S. Durie
Miss. T. Humphrey
Mrs. N. Khan 
Mrs. K. McKeand
Mrs. A. Rathore 
Mrs. J. Stock 
Mrs E. Wilson

Admin Assistant - Mrs. S. Rangelova

Office Staff: 
PA to the Headteacher - Mrs. J. Glasgow
Pupil Administrator - Mrs. M. Strudwick
Finance/Personnel Assistant - Mrs. K. Combes
Lettings and Clubs Coordinatior & School Trips Administrator - Mrs C. Davies
Receptionists - Miss V. Guy & Ms. L. Gray
Health/Welfare Assistant - Mrs. J. Cheesman 
Site Manager - Mr. S. Church

Clerk to Governors:
Mrs. K. Combes

Lunchtime Supervisors:
Mrs. C. Lambert
Ms. L. Binedell
Mrs. S. Durie
Mrs. S. Dunlop
Miss. T. Humphrey
Mrs. N. Khan
Mrs. D. Middleditch
Mrs. I. Paric-Lewis
Mrs. A. Rathore 
Mrs. J. Stock

Early Morning Supervisors:
Mrs. C. Lambert
Miss R. David

Kitchen Staff:
Twelve 15 

There are no Reigate Priory School employees that have a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more.