Headteacher - Mr. O. Moses

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs. J. Dean

School Business Manager - Mrs. S. Grieco

Year 3 Class Teacher & Assistant Headteacher - Mrs. P. Francis      
Year 4 Class Teacher & Assistant Headteacher - Mr J. Wells
Year 5 Class Teacher & Assistant Headteacher - Mrs. H. Maestro
Year 6 Class Teacher & Assistant Headteacher - Mr. D. Wallington   

Special Educational Needs & Disability Coordinator (SENDCO) - Mrs. C. Boothroyd

Pupil Premium Leader - Mrs. P. Fegan


Mr. D. Burge - Yr 5
Mr N. Blake - Yr 4
Miss. L. Caterino - Yr 4
Mr J. Coring - Yr 6
Miss. F. Curtis - Yr 6
Miss. L. Downham  - Yr 5
Mrs. J. Ewbank - Yr 3
Miss K. Hardy - Yr 5
Miss. V. Hickson - Yr 5
Miss A. Hunter - Yr 6
Miss. R. Miller - Yr 4
Mr. O. Morris - Yr 6
Mr. A. Pearce - Yr 4
Miss. V. Smith - Yr 4
Mrs. A. Wallington - Yr 3
Mr. D. Welch - Yr 3
Mrs D. Witherington - Yr 3 
Mrs. L. Young - Yr 3
Senior Teacher - Mrs. L. Challis - Maths Group / Non Class Based
Senior Teacher - Mrs L. Fry - Maths Group / Non Class Based
Mr C. Barton - SCITT trainee


Year Group Based Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTA):
Y3 - Miss. C. Penny & Ms. C. Manners
Y4 - Mrs. S. Carter & Mr. A. Lombardi
Y5 - Mrs. E. Bogers & Mrs S. Brown
Y6 - Mrs. C. Setterfield & Mr. K. Jenner

Pupil Premium HLTA:
Mrs. I. Paric-Lewis

Pastoral Care Teaching Assistant (PCTA):
Mrs. C. Lambert


SEND Teaching Assistants :
Year 3:
Mrs. D. Middledtich

Year 4:
Mrs. S. Dunlop

Year 5:
Mrs. C. Lambert

Year 6:
Mrs. N. Merry

Mrs. C. Lambert 

SEN Learning Mentors:
Mrs  L. Binedell 
Ms L. Brannagan
Mrs. H. Church 
Miss R. David
Mrs. S. Durie
Miss. T. Humphrey
Mrs. N. Khan 
Mrs. K. McKeand
Mrs. I. Paric-Lewis
Mrs S. Pellumbi
Mrs. A. Rathore 
Mrs. J. Stock 
Mrs E. Wilson

Admin Assistant - Mrs. S. Rangelova

Office Staff: 
PA to the Headteacher - Mrs. J. Glasgow
Pupil Administrator - Mrs. M. Strudwick
Finance/Personnel Assistant - Mrs. K. Combes
Lettings and Clubs Coordinatior & School Trips Administrator - Mrs C. Davies
Receptionists - Miss V. Guy & Ms. L. Gray
Health/Welfare Assistant - Mrs. J. Cheesman 
Site Manager - Mr. S. Church

Clerk to Governors:
Mrs. K. Combes

Lunchtime Supervisors:
Mrs. C. Lambert
Ms. L. Binedell
Mrs. S. Durie
Mrs. S. Dunlop
Miss. T. Humphrey
Mrs. N. Khan
Mrs. D. Middleditch
Mrs. I. Paric-Lewis
Mrs. A. Rathore 
Mrs. J. Stock

Early Morning Supervisors:
Mrs. C. Lambert
Miss R. David

Kitchen Staff:
Twelve 15 

There are no Reigate Priory School employees that have a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more.