School Meal Provision

Welcome to lunchtime at Reigate Priory!  Our mission at Twelve 15 is to create a positive difference and make lunchtime enjoyable and accessible to many more children.

Working with the challenges that the building and kitchen present in this amazing property, we have developed an improved quality and style of service, bespoke to the students at Reigate Priory.

Every day we will provide two hot offers, including a vegetarian option, and a third, cold deli option. Once they have selected their dish of the day, students will then visit the extensive salad bar to complete the lunchtime offer. Both the salad bar and our freshly made bread are freely available for students to help themselves to. For dessert, we offer a selection which includes fruit, yoghurt, cheese & biscuits and of course if they so wish, a daily baked delight which have been developed using reduced sugar recipes.

Allergen data is available for all of the dishes that we serve.

For those children requiring any specialised dietary needs please complete our online form

Please click below for our fortnightly menu options:

Summer Term Menu Week 1
Summer Term Menu Week 2

We love sharing our passion for good food, healthy meals and our beautiful environment. This is what we work towards tirelessly every day. Together we can make a difference!