Our Reigate Priory Curriculum

Curriculum Statement

The Reigate Priory School curriculum fulfils our aim to “Bring Learning to Life Both Inside and Out”, embeds our C Values and gives children a broad, balanced education that meets their needs and expands their interests. We have developed a curriculum which utilises our unique historical and geographical setting to its full potential and offers real life experiences to support pupils to understand their place and responsibilities in their school and wider community. Our whole curriculum is underpinned by high expectations and aspirations for all our learners across all subjects.

“Bringing Learning to Life, both Inside and Out”

Our Mission Statement captures four key philosophies behind our curriculum:

  • Creating Life Long Learners – Provision of knowledge, understanding, skill and application for an ever changing world.
  • Bringing colour to the curriculum through innovation and creativity – Ensuring enjoyment, engagement and inspiration through a diverse range of opportunity. 
  • Providing first hand, real life experience and context as part of our commitment to the use of the Outdoor Classroom and Outdoor Education on a local, regional and international scale.
  • Developing academic ability, whilst recognising the essential role of supporting children’s interpersonal and social skills.

The C- Values

We aim for our pupils to demonstrate our C- Values: Creativity, Caring, Communication, Courage. Connection, Challenge, Curiosity, Commitment, Concentration, Confidence, Composure,and Co-operation.

A Broad, Balanced Education

We deliver a broad, balanced curriculum through a knowledge-rich, topic centered approach. Each termly topic consists of a driver subject from either History, Science or Geography and then encompasses subjects such as Art, Music and D.T to bring depth and real life connection to an area of enquiry. Maths and English, especially Reading, are featured across the curriculum to give children opportunity to refine and apply their skills from subject specific learning. Where appropriate, to ensure the best learning, some subjects, such as P.E, R.E and M.F.L are taught discretely.

High Expectations and Aspirations

We use the National Curriculum Age Related Expectations to plan, pitch, monitor and assess learning in the Core Subjects of English and Maths to support pupils to reach at least ARE and then beyond.

For Foundation Subjects, we use the Focus Key Assessment Criteria as a way of planning learning, benchmarking pitch and monitoring children’s progress and standards across, and at the end of, the Key Stage.

Curriculum Strategy Document

Learning and Teaching Policy