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Message from Mr Moses

For several years now the school has been in discussion with the Department for Education (DfE) and Surrey County Council on the best solution to future proof the quality of the education the school can offer. Having recently celebrated our 70th anniversary, we aim to ensure that future generations of Priory learners can access the most innovative provision in a purpose built environment designed to match the school’s community and ethos. Consequently, plans are under way to build a new 600 pupil Junior school for us on the Canon site on Cockshot Hill with a target relocation of September 2023.

Reluctantly, we have needed to accept the reality that we have outgrown this beautiful building. Like other local schools who have moved into improved homes, and I remember my time in the original Holmesdale fondly, it will soon be Reigate Priory’s moment to do the same. Since arriving in 1948 with just 140 children led by the then Headmaster Mr Claytor, our school has grown and grown and gone from success to success. Although we remain safely housed and looked after within its walls, we have reached the capacity of this building and are unable to develop it further for the future.

The opportunity to build a new school in a separate location first and foremost allows us to maintain the high quality Reigate Priory provision for those children currently with us and who will join us over the next three years - it will remain business as usual!

Considering the history we have with this building I consider it a privilege to be here over our final few years in it, a feeling I am sure children and families will share and cherish. Having visited the new site and seen provisional plans, I am very excited not only by the building being offered but also by the woodland setting, outdoor space and all weather sporting facilities that will be available all within our own secure site.

Although I and the Governing Body have been involved in this project for some time, we completely recognise that this will be new to you. It is understandable therefore, that you may have questions about the move and the new school itself. The school, alongside the DfE and Surrey County Council will endeavour to keep you up to date as the project progresses.

As an ex-pupil and having grown my career in this building I fully recognise the emotional attachment our school community has with it. This sentiment is shared by my Chair of Governors who herself has a longstanding association. However, together we fully embrace this once in a life time opportunity and are entirely committed to fulfilling its potential and continuing the school’s aim of Bringing Learning to Life both Inside and Out!

Mr O. Moses

Letter from Mr Moses to Priory Learners

Statement from Surrey County Council

Intended Site for new Reigate Priory School

Project Updates

April 2022

The public consultation process continues with a significant amount of work going on behind the scenes by representatives of the various parties involved with the project.

Please find attached invitation from Surrey County Council, to a consultation event on Wednesday, 11th May regarding the proposed move of Reigate Priory School to Woodhatch Place.

The event will be held in the Museum Room at Reigate Priory. Entry can be gained via the rear doors of the room, park side (not through reception).

Doors will be open between 2.00pm and 7.00pm and during this time key personnel will be available along with exhibits and information for you to view.

Please click on the following link to access the newly created FAQs information that has been prepared in response to feedback collected to date:

Frequently asked questions about Reigate Priory Junior School - Surrey County Council (

February 2022

The public consultation process will shortly begin regarding the plans for the new Reigate Priory Junior School building on the former Canon HQ site, Woodhatch Place.

Please find attached your invitation from Surrey County Council to take part.

The ‘virtual public exhibition’ to display the initial proposals will go live on Monday 14th February. 

We encourage you to visit the exhibition platform and leave your feedback on the online feedback form.

Additionally, we would recommend you sign-up to one of the two virtual presentations taking place on Wednesday, 23rd and Thursday, 24th February.  

Please do make the most of this opportunity to influence Reigate Priory Junior School for future generations.

New School Build Project Consultation Information

January 2022

The festive break served as a perfect pause and reflect time for everyone involved in the Project Team. With this fresh perspective and re-energised after the holiday, the team have pushed on to make some good progress in the layout and floor plans of our new building, the organisation and plans for our external landscape and even how the building may look in itself. This work has even extended to looking at what furntiure, fixtures and equipment we will need and how it will all come together to maximise the space and make it not only an efficient but an enjoyable place for learning and work.

Mr Moses and Mrs Grieco have been to visit Westvale Primary School, a new build school not far away and been thoroughly inspired by the opportunities and possibiliites a purpose built and modern school will provide. We were very grateful for the time Mrs Kelly, Headteacher, offered us and we look forward to taking the staff team and Governors for a visit in due course.

The public planning consultation is rapidly appearing on the horizon with a whole team of people dedicated to pulling all the information together and creating the most effective way to present it for all to enage with and offer feedback. It is targeted to go live soon after the half-term break but the school will ensure families are given ample notice with further information in advance of this.

December 2021

Another busy month with the project continuing to gather momentum towards making the necessary planning applications and subsequent public consultations. Our designated Reigate Priory Project Team supported by Beth Revell from Blue Iris Partnership have attended numerous engagement meetings with the ISG Project Team.

Progress is being made on the various work streams including floor plans, the surrounding landscape, accessibility and even how it will look from the outside. Sadly, at this time, we are still unable to share any further detail so as not to compromise the planning and consultation process.

We look forward to sharing more information into the new year as everyone deserves a rest and break for their Christmas and New Year holidays.

November 2021

The design process for the new build is now well under way with school representatives meeting with key personnel from ISG on a weekly basis following a planned route of engagement meetings through into December. As you can imagine many work streams are flowing all at the same time and through the engagement meetings the project is really beginning to pick up pace. Please click on the following link for an update provided to the school community from Jane Winterbone, Assistant Director for Education at Surrey County Council.

Update Letter from Surrey County Council (09/11/21)

Below you will also find some overview examples demonstrating some of the work that is being undertaken to ensure the building and its surroundings work as effectively as possible. Obviously, these are subject to a lot of change but it exemplifies the effort that is going in on so many levels, from toilets to pupil circulation and acoustic strategies to sustainabilty to make sure our new home functions at its best for our future learners.

New Build Adjacencies 1

New Build Adjacencies 2

Unfortunately, at this time this is all the detail we are able to provide so as not to compromise the planning process that is expected to be initiated into Febraury/March.

September/October 2021

The term began with Mr Moses and a team of school representatives presenting alongside Surrey County Council delegates at an Open Morning held at Woodhatch Place for potential construction companies interested in building our new school. This led onto several of those companies making applications with each entering into the designated procurement pathway. After diligent and comprehensive analysis, a unaminous decision was made with a construction and engineering company called ISG succeeding across the line!

ISG Website

Within the feedback from our learning community we are aware of apprehension that the build project could disproportionately impact on the operation and learning within the school right now. This is understandable considering the broad reaching remit of the project but is one the Governing Body and Senior Leadership Team have been conscious of from the get go. As a result the following is in place:
1. A designated Project Team that includes the Headteacher, the School Business Manager and Governors with separate focussed meetings so as not to impact on those related to current education and school operation.
2. An external consultant with specialist knoweldge, understanding and experience of such projects to support and guide the school's Project Team.
3. Strategic Risk Register maintained by Governors that is regularly reviewed, serving as a self evaluation tool to assess the balance of workload and its impacts.
3. A Surrey County Council Steering Group, Chaired by Liz Mills, Diector of Education and Children, within which the above is embedded, that brings together relevant parties within the council in support of the school.
4. Additional and modified Senior Leadership and Admin resource to maintain education standards and progress as well as day to day operation.
5. Designated and scheduled 'summit' meetings led by an expansive ISG Construction Team acting as stepping stones for focussing school feedback.

June 2021

After a busy year of feasibility assessment and work not to mention a significant amount of discussion and negotiation, the first stage of our new build project has been completed with the sign-off by the three stakeholders namely, the Department of Education, Surrey County Council and Reigate Priory Junior School. The project will now move forward into Stage 2 that will begin with the selection of a construction company to deliver the project. This will follow a Department of Education approved procurement pathway that will ultimatly lead to a short listing and final selection process. 

Within the work the school has undertaken to gather initial feedback there has been a lot of positivity and excitement about the project. Apart from the understandable lament for our departure from our current home, query has centered on three key areas that the next stage will aim to provide response to namely:
1. Reigate Priory admissions and school catchment area.
2. The actual new building itself, its surroundings and the opportunities our new home will provide.
3. Accessibility, travel and transport.

Although not related to the new school project directly, there was also interest on how the Priory building will be used upon our departure.