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Message from Mr Moses

For several years now the school has been in discussion with the Department for Education (DfE) and Surrey County Council on the best solution to future proof the quality of the education the school can offer. Having recently celebrated our 70th anniversary, we aim to ensure that future generations of Priory learners can access the most innovative provision in a purpose built environment designed to match the school’s community and ethos. Consequently, plans are under way to build a new 600 pupil Junior school for us on the Canon site on Cockshot Hill with a target relocation of September 2023.

Reluctantly, we have needed to accept the reality that we have outgrown this beautiful building. Like other local schools who have moved into improved homes, and I remember my time in the original Holmesdale fondly, it will soon be Reigate Priory’s moment to do the same. Since arriving in 1948 with just 140 children led by the then Headmaster Mr Claytor, our school has grown and grown and gone from success to success. Although we remain safely housed and looked after within its walls, we have reached the capacity of this building and are unable to develop it further for the future.

The opportunity to build a new school in a separate location first and foremost allows us to maintain the high quality Reigate Priory provision for those children currently with us and who will join us over the next three years - it will remain business as usual!

Considering the history we have with this building I consider it a privilege to be here over our final few years in it, a feeling I am sure children and families will share and cherish. Having visited the new site and seen provisional plans, I am very excited not only by the building being offered but also by the woodland setting, outdoor space and all weather sporting facilities that will be available all within our own secure site.

Although I and the Governing Body have been involved in this project for some time, we completely recognise that this will be new to you. It is understandable therefore, that you may have questions about the move and the new school itself. The school, alongside the DfE and Surrey County Council will endeavour to keep you up to date as the project progresses. If you have any questions then please complete the google form by clicking on this link: 

Reigate Priory School New Build Project Google - Feedback and Questions

The information from this will be reviewed with common themes being used to inform future communications.

As an ex-pupil and having grown my career in this building I fully recognise the emotional attachment our school community has with it. This sentiment is shared by my Chair of Governors who herself has a longstanding association. However, together we fully embrace this once in a life time opportunity and are entirely committed to fulfilling its potential and continuing the school’s aim of Bringing Learning to Life both Inside and Out!

Mr O. Moses

Letter from Mr Moses to Priory Learners

Statement from Surrey County Council