Healthy School

Reigate Priory promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. The school provides children with a range of opportunities and experiences to encourage them to make appropriate choices that will benefit their overall wellbeing. This learning occurs directly and discretely through the curriculum but also in other extra-curricular provision. As with all areas of children’s learning, the partnership and support of parents in this area will ultimately achieve the best success.

‘Golden Boot’ and other initiatives offer children who walk, cycle or scooter to school with incentives to make these healthier travel choices. More information will be available on these throughout the academic year.

Hydrated children make the best learners. Children are provided with a Reigate Priory water bottle at the beginning of Year 3 with replacements available at £3 from the School Reception.

Children should arrive to school everyday with a named water bottle. They will be able to refill it at playtimes from the numerous drinking fountains around the school.  Sugar filled and/or fizzy drinks are not permitted.

Sweets and chocolate are for home treats. Parents and carers are kindly asked not to provide sweets (or any other item) for birthdays. Your child’s class teacher and classmates will celebrate any birthday in a special Reigate Priory way.

Playtime snacks should be healthy. A piece of fruit, cereal bar or other healthy nibble is ideal. NO chocolate, sweets or crisps. To reduce single use plastic, we strongly recommend snacks with no wrapping or packaging. All reusable containers should be named. 

Packed lunches should also be healthy, providing children with sufficient slow release energy to drive them through afternoon learning. Parents are encouraged to consider appropriate choices to achieve a balanced meal.

We are a NUT FREE school due to the increasing number of children susceptible to allergic reactions. We would encourage parents to check ingredients of common playtime snack and packed lunch items for allergens that are not immediately obvious.