Founded by William de Warenne for the Order of St. Augustine
1235-1536 (300 years)

William de Warenne, 6th Earl of Surrey, founded Reigate Priory for the Order of St Augustinian whose monks resided there for 300 years before the dissolution of the monasteries during the English Reformation.

Steward Lord Edmund Howard
1536-1541 (5 years)

Lord Edmund Howard was appointed Steward of Reigate Priory by Henry VIII.

The Howards
1541-1681 (140 years)

When Lord Edmund’s daughter, Catherine, married Henry VIII, the property was granted to the Howard family and remained under their ownership for the next 140 years.

• Lord William Howard (1541-1573)
• Lady Margaret Howard (1573-1581)
• Lord Charles Howard (1581-1624)
• Lady Margaret Howard (1624-1639)
• Elizabeth, Countess of Peterborough (1639-1671)
• Lord John Mordaunt of Reigate (1671-1675)
• Lady Mary Mordaunt (1675-1681)

The Parsons
1681-1766 (85 years)

Sir John Parsons purchased Reigate Priory in 1681.  Already a successful brewer, he become Lord Mayor of London in 1703 and represented Reigate in Parliament for over 30 years.  His son, Humphrey, inherited Reigate Priory and became Lord Mayor of London twice.

• Sir John Parsons (1681-1717)
• Humphrey Parsons (1717-1741)
• Sarah Parsons 91741-1759)
• Lady Ann Cotton and Mrs Dunn (1759-1766)

Richard Ireland
1766-1801 (35 years)

Richard Ireland purchased Reigate Priory at auction and subsequently made a number of alterations to the property.  On his death, the estate then passed to his niece, Ann Jones, followed by her son.

• Richard Ireland (1766-1780)
• Mrs. Ann Jones (1780-1789)
• Arthur Jones (1789-1801)

George Mowbray
1801-1807 (6 years)

George Mowbray resided at Reigate Priory for 6 years, before selling it to the Somers family.

The Somers
1807-1921 (114 years)

Earl Somers was a Member of Parliament for Reigate.  During his residency, he made a number of geographical changes to the area with the creation of Tunnel Road, the first of its kind in the country. 

• First Earl Somers (1808-1842)
• Second Earl Somers (1842-1852)
• Third Earl Somers (1852-1883)
• Lady Henry Somerset (1905-1921)
• Henry C. Somers Somerset (1905-1921)

The Beattys
1921-1942 (21 years)

After the death of Lady Somerset, Reigate Park was sold to Randal Vogan who dedicated it to the people of Reigate and the Priory and its surrounding grounds were purchased by Admiral and Countess Beatty. On their death, the property passed to their youngest son Peter, who was a successful racehorse breeder.

• Countess Beatty (1921-1932)
• Peter Beatty (1932-1942)

Mutual Property Life and General Insurance Co.

1942-1945 (3 years)

Reigate Corporation

1945-1974 (29 years)

Leased to Surrey County Council for use as a school


Reigate Priory Secondary School

1948-1972 (24 years)

Reigate Priory Middle School

1972-1993 (21 years)

Reigate and Banstead Borough Council ownership


Reigate Priory Junior School