School Uniform

Reigate Priory takes great pride in its uniform as it is an important symbol of the school’s history, identity and community. We expect all children and their parents to help maintain our high standards of smartness and tidiness.

Exemplification of Uniform Expectations

Compulsory School Uniform (should be selected from the list and worn as detailed below):

  • Reigate Priory book bag
  • Reigate Priory sweatshirt
  • Plain white shirt or blouse (tailored to be worn tucked into skirt, trousers or shorts)
  • Reigate Priory summer dress (to be worn from Easter to October Half Term only)
  • Plain grey skirt or tunic dress
  • Plain grey trousers/shorts            

Please be advised that trousers should be plain, grey (no motifs/decoration), full length and that leggings, non-tailored, boot cut or flared trousers are not part of the Reigate Priory school uniform.  Appropriate plain trousers can be purchased from our school uniform supplier

  • Plain black or grey socks (when wearing trousers, shorts, skirts or tunic dresses)
  • Plain black/red/grey tights (when wearing skirts or tunic dresses)
  • Plain white socks (when wearing summer dresses)
  • Sensible black shoes (not boots)

Compulsory P.E. Kit

  • Reigate Priory white P.E. t-shirt or plain white t-shirt
  • Plain red shorts
  • Plain white sport socks
  • Trainers (no plimsolls)
  • Reigate Priory black P.E. sweatshirt/hoody or plain black sweatshirt/hoody
  • Plain black jogging bottom

Optional School Accessories (can be selected from the list below):

  • Reigate Priory red fleece
  • Reigate Priory red rucksack
  • Reigate Priory red sunhat
  • Reigate Priory red woolly hat
  • Reigate Priory red P.E. kit bag
  • Reigate Priory ‘House’ t-shirts – orange, blue, red, yellow or white
  • Reigate Priory water bottle
  • Red tie (to be worn with long sleeved shirts only)
  • Red art apron
  • Black PE skorts

All items must be named.

(a) The Reigate Priory book bag is part of our compulsory school uniform and is essential for safe storage and transport of books and equipment throughout the school day.

(b) Trainers may only be worn during break time, games and outdoor P.E. lessons. School shoes must be worn at all other times, including to and from school.

(c) Hair should be of natural colour and styles should not be severe and/or include any motifs or designs. Long hair should be kept away from the face and eyes by a hair band or plain hair tie. Hair should be completely tied back for PE.

(d) Jewellery, watches, fitness or other related technological devices and any form of wrist band are not part of our uniform and are not allowed in school. (Parents and carers who wish their child to carry a mobile phone to and from school for communication purposes may request permission from the Headteacher to have the phone in school. They will need to complete the appropriate documentation and have participated in safe technology awareness provision. Parents and carers who wish to initiate this should contact school reception by phone or email.) 

(e) Simple stud earrings are acceptable but must be removed for P.E. and swimming lessons (or not worn on that day as the school cannot take responsibility for lost jewellery). The taping over of earrings is not permitted. Parents and pupils are advised to have their ears pierced at the start of the Summer Holidays to allow maximum healing time.

(f) Children should not wear make-up or nail varnish.

(g) The red art apron or an old shirt are essential for art work.

(h) Appropriate coats/waterproofs should be worn to school in inclement weather. Children should be adequately clothed not only for travel to and from school but for outdoor learning and play that takes place regularly throughout the school and in all seasons.

(i) During hot weather, children should have a plain sun hat available.

(j) Children only require ONE pencil case. This should be robust and as compact as possible and only contain stationery essentials – novelty and expensive items should be left at home. Please remember children do move around the school for different lessons and learning and therefore ‘luggage’ should be kept to an absolute minimum!

(k) We recommend that children bring a water bottle into school daily. Replacement Reigate Priory bottles are available at £2.50 from the School Reception.

Purchasing School Uniform

Parents and carers can buy school uniform conveniently online and delivered directly to home from our official school uniform supplier, Mapac. Unlike other uniform sales outlets, commission from sales goes directly back into Reigate Priory to benefit children’s learning!

The Reigate Priory Summer Dress can be purchased directly from the school.

The Reigate Priory Families and Staff Association (FSA) regularly hold second hand uniform sales dates of which can be found on the school calendar and/or our monthly newsletters.

Link to School Uniform Shop.