FSA (Families & Staff Association)

Reigate Priory FSA (Families and Staff Association) is an essential and valued part of the school community.  All parents, guardians and carers automatically become members by having a child at the school.  All school staff are also included. There is an enthusiastic FSA committee that represents everyone, though currently there are vacant positions and the FSA would benefit from anyone able to help with those roles.

Like all school PTAs, the FSA has two main aims:

  • arrange social events for our members to enjoy which helps build the school community and raises funds which enable us to...
  • pay for activities and facilities which support our children's learning and development

In any other year, the FSA would be making valuable contributions to the school to enhance the school offering across a range of areas such as residential trips, library refurbishment, home economics refurbishment, playground furniture, sports equipment, staging, technology, School minibus and also supporting some valuable school community events. Whilst this is still true to a certain degree, our focus since Spring Term 2020 has been to help support the school’s response to meet the changing needs of its staff and pupils, within the ever-changing limitations set out by the government. 

Like most schools, Reigate Priory has had to cover all the exceptional costs associated with the coronavirus without any additional funding from the local authority.

The pandemic has also meant that many events from the annual fundraising calendar have had to be completely cancelled or noticeably scaled back. We were very sad to have missed hosting our Fireworks Night which is not only one of our biggest earners of the year but is also a great opportunity for the school to come together as a community.

The forthcoming calendar of events for this school term includes the following (PLEASE SEE LINK LOWER DOWN FOR FULL LIST):

  • Wednesday 24th Feb TBC - FSA Meeting at 7.30pm
  • Saturday 6th March - Collection of Mother’s Day Gifts
  • Friday 12th March TBC - Online Quiz Night from 6.00pm
  • Monday 29th March - Easter Hamper Raffle Prize Draw
  • Running over the Easter Holiday - Jigsaw Puzzle Competition
  • Monday 12th June - Summer Hamper Raffle OR a Priory Rocks if held
  • Spring Half Term or move to Easter Holiday TBC – Half Term Treasure Hunt - subject to COVID restrictions
  • Friday 11th June TBC - Summer Soiree – subject to COVID restrictions
  • Saturday 3rd June TBC – Priory Rocks - subject to COVID restrictions
  • TBC - Film Night – subject to COVID rules

FSA Events List 2020/2021

Please check the monthly newsletter for further details of all our events.

The FSA committee for 2020/21 is:

Co-Chair: Simon Kitchen
Co-Chair: Becca Bailey
Secretary:  Kate Emberson
Treasurer: Alice Catling
Vice Treasurer: Madeleine Speke 
Vice Treasurer: Ben Jefferys
Vice Treasurer: Jane Mirfenderesky
Staff Reps: Mr Moses and Mrs Dean

FSA Parents Introduction 
FSA Classlist.com Info

Although the Committee comprises only this small group, they are supported by the class reps as well as a substantial group of parents who give their time regularly. We really appreciate the time and effort that so many people give to support the FSA activities throughout the year, and we would encourage more to get involved with the fun!

If you are interested in what the work of the FSA involves, or have ideas to share, or would be interested in helping to organise an activity or event, then please get in touch by emailing the team directly at reigateprioryfsa@outlook.com or come along to any half-termly FSA meeting. Becoming involved with our children’s school is fun and rewarding because we are part of the school community, we get to know other parents and teachers, we see the immediate benefits of the school community enjoying the variety of events and we also see the fruits of our fundraising. Whilst in any normal year we aim to raise about £25,000, this year our total has been cut to £15,000 to meet the essential requirements laid out by the Headteacher on behalf of the school. We look forward to a time when our events can be help in full again, developing and strengthening the relationships within the school community, and all our profits again can go entirely toward towards enhancing our children’s learning and school experience!

To contact any member of the FSA committee please email reigateprioryfsa@outlook.com

Thank you to all the parents, carers and wider families, as well as all the staff at Reigate Priory for their continued support in helping to plan and run the events on our current 2020/21 calendar, as well as those who give their support by showing up and having fun!

FSA meetings are held every half term; class reps are all invited and all parents are encouraged to attend. 

Committee Meeting Minutes

All meeting minutes can be found online HERE
FSA Committee Structure and Roles