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Posted on: 04/01/2021

Urgent Update from Mr Moses on School Closure 04.01.2021

Dear Parents and Carers

Following the Prime Ministers sudden but not altogether unexpected announcement this evening, it is with much sadness that I reluctantly must confirm that Reigate Priory School will be closed tomorrow and henceforth until further notice.

I am hugely grateful for the dedication and selfless contribution of the staff in the lead up to today and today itself in enabling our school to be open. Having the opportunity to wish the children a Happy New Year and see them in school, even if it was just for a day, is a small but significant win in our campaign against our ongoing unprecedented circumstances.

As I hope you can appreciate, having worked extensively to revise our measures, adjust our approach and ultimately fulfil a successful safe and working school, to switch to an entirely virtual Reigate Priory is not something that can feasibly occur over night. Consequently, Reigate Priory will be entirely closed to ALL children tomorrow, Tuesday 5th January.

On Wednesday 6th January, Reigate Priory will open for certain designated children and those of key workers ONLY whose working and family situation meet the criteria highlighted in the email sent out via Parentmail this afternoon.

No Parent or carer should send their child/children into school without invitation or prior confirmation provided by the School Office. This will only be possible if they complete the Google form linked into the previous email. Organising this will be an absolute priority tomorrow to ensure those who need it are able to access it from Wednesday.

Learning at Home provision is available already on the ‘Remote Learning’ page under the Learning tab of the school website – password RLNewYear1 . Please be advised that this learning was created and provided with school being fully open and will be modified in due course to take into account our new and reverse situation. The provision will soon move to that which was available during the first Lockdown with, as before, enhancements being applied to enrich its offer and maintain engagement - something I am sure the children will look forward too. Further information on this and guidance for you and the children will be provided in due course.

I would like to finish by reassuring parents and carers that as we, you and your children have proven in the past, we can and will be able to navigate the weeks ahead. Remember, your child and you can only do what you can do and the best you can. Despite not being given the lead in as with the first Lockdown, together we are wiser and more experienced so collectively we can and will make this work for the children.

Please monitor your emails regularly over the next few days to ensure you keep fully up to date.

Thank you in advance for your support, understanding and patience.


Mr Moses



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