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Posted on: 22/10/2020

Update on Reading Learning and the School Library

Dear Parents and Carers,

After much careful consideration, we are delighted to announce that after half term we will begin to open up the School Library.

‘Satellite’ Libraries and Banded Reading Books

The opening will occur following a staged approach with the first part involving the provision of four ‘satellite’ libraries, one in each Year Group.

The ‘satellite’ libraries will contain banded reading books only. These books are specifically written to help children progress in their reading journey. Over the last few weeks, teachers have been reading with and assessing the children to determine which, if any, book band is most suitable for them. This week, your child’s teacher will let them know if they need to have a banded book and if so which book band they need to be choosing and enjoying. Children will then be able to read their banded book at school as well as take them home to read with you.

Banded reading books should go home but arrive daily back into school, transported in the Reigate Priory Book Bag. When in school they will be kept at your child’s desk or stored in their tray. The book will be for your child’s use only and will not be shared with others. Once the book has been finished, it will be returned to the Library and your child will be able to choose another. When books are returned they will be ‘quarantined’ before going back onto the shelves for others to use.

Home Readers

From after half term, all children will be welcome to bring a home reader into school. This will be particularly important for children who are not using banded books and we would expect them to do this.

The home reader can be a children’s fiction or non-fiction book that is of appropriate challenge and one the child will enjoy. As with the banded books, the home reader should arrive into school daily in the Reigate Priory Book Bag and will be stored at your child’s desk or in their tray. It will be for their own use only and will not be shared with others!

Reading Records

Finally, and also after half term, we will be sending Reading Records home so that children can record what they have been reading at home. Please see the attached information and examples of how to complete the Reading Record to an appropriate and high standard. Periodically, children will be asked to bring the Reading Record back into school so they can be reviewed by the class teacher. Communication on when your child should do this will be made via Home Learning.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Family and Staff Association (FSA) for once again funding the purchase of the Reigate Priory Reading Record. Ultimately, this money comes from the pounds and pence you and your families offer in attending and supporting the FSA and is a great example how this makes a difference to each child's learning (not to mention another reason to look after it and keep it up to date).

We are very pleased to be making this provision available and aim to make further steps forward as soon as it is appropriate to do so.

Thank you for all of your support in helping your children become confident, life-long readers.

Miss Barnard

Reading Leader

Reigate Priory Reading Record - Information for Parents

Reading Record Example - Lower School

Reading Record Example - Upper School



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