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Posted on: 20/03/2020

Update on School Attendance for Special Circumstance and Key Workers

As shared on Parentmail 20/03/20

Dear Parents and Carers

To say that today has been slightly surreal would be an understatement but once again your children have been brilliant in school.

The late arrival of the guidance from the Government for school attendance now school has closed for the majority of children has meant that today has been rather tricky to manage - I appreciate your understanding as we endeavour to make the arrangements in such a short space of time.

For your information and to clarify:

The guidance for special circumstances and Key Workers is based upon the following first key principle:

  If it is at all possible for children to be safely looked after at home, then they  should be.

This principle is based upon the collective need to reduce overall contact and community movement in line with the overall Coronavirus response. Therefore, if there is another adult that can provide the necessary childcare at home then that is the best and primary solution. Right now the Government is asking us to prioritise as much as possible the Key Worker roles across society and even in our own homes.

However, if it becomes absolutely necessary and not at all possible for children to be looked after at home safely AND you are a Key Worker then the school will be able to offer provision. Clearly at this time we do not know how this situation will progress and the Government may change their guidance going forward.

Please take all of the above into consideration and only contact the School Office if your family situation necessitates the school provision for your child.

We really do want to help as much as we can, taking into account the current Government guidance, but please remember that the staff of Reigate Priory also face the same challenges as Key Workers themselves and completely empathise with you - the same conversations and decisions are being made in our homes.

(Section 4.1)

Remember that for any child or family the Government’s guidance on school attendance in relation to Coronavirus symptoms remains the same.

For further information, please see

Thank you for your ongoing understanding and cooperation.


Mr Moses



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