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Posted on: 18/03/2020

Update on Covid - 19 18/03/20

As shared on Parentmail 18/03/20

Dear Parents and Carers

I hope this finds you and your family well and I would like to thank and acknowledge the whole school community for its ongoing understanding and cooperation in these unique times.

Following today’s Government Briefing, I am writing to confirm that Reigate Priory School will now be closed for the vast majority of pupils from the end of school on Friday 20th March. The Government has indicated that schools will open for certain groups of children including those of specifically identified key workers. As earlier on in the week, we await the outcomes of the Briefing to transcend into official guidance and will update you in due course after this has been confirmed.

Up until Friday 20th March we will maintain learning as usual for all children and I would encourage families to send their children to school unless they are demonstrating symptoms (7 day isolation) or are currently in a household where a member is demonstrating symptoms (14 day isolation) identifiable with Coronavirus (persistent cough and fever).

Please inform the school using the usual communication channels if either the above becomes applicable to your child or family.

The school is also taking an understanding and empathetic approach to children who themselves or have family members that are considered higher risk. If you have not already been contacted by the school or contacted the school, then please do so in confidence for further guidance.

Other Updates:

The school maintains the measures as described in the previous communications. In addition to this and for your information:

  • School Dinner - a choice of good quality hot and cold food is still being offered but the organisation of the lunch service has been changed to take into account the need for heightened personal hygiene by children.
  • Entrance by visitors – only absolutely essential guests and personnel to the core purpose of the school are currently being allowed entry.
  • Home Learning – the school has now made preparations to offer a realistic quantity of home learning for children once the school has closed to most children. The necessary detail will be shared in due course. In the interim and before this goes ‘live’, I would encourage your child to spend time on TTRockstars and fulfil their daily reading commitment, alongside any homework that has already been provided – remember the Reading Record has plenty of questions to support you in prompting your child to think deeper about what they are reading.

School Events:

Current Teacher Led Clubs will continue as planned until Friday 20th March. For Commercial Clubs please seek guidance from your specific provider but they will all cease this Friday.

The following have now been postponed (future dates to be confirmed):

  • Parent Consultations (31st March & 2nd April) – Wisepay platform is now closed
  • Year 6 Mosque Visit (1st – 2nd April)
  • Year 5 Easter Cantata (1st April)
  • Year 3 Greek Days (25th – 26th March)
  • Any sports fixtures and competitions

FSA Events:

The FSA Committee will provide specific information regarding the FSA Meeting planned for Wednesday 25th March – alternative arrangements are being explored.

The following have now been postponed (future dates to be confirmed):

  • FSA AGM (22nd April)
  • FSA Film Night (24th April)

Please be advised that although postponed at this time, certain school and FSA events may ultimately need to be cancelled due to the reduced number of remaining school days and conflicts with other planned curricular and extra-curricular opportunities.

Early Bird Club and T-Club 6

Both of these will be open as normal for tomorrow, Thursday 19th March and Friday 20th March. Arrangements thereafter will be finalised and shared with parents before we close on Friday 20th March.

How you can help:

  1. Continue to reiterate to your child the importance of their personal and inter-personal hygiene and of maintaining it at school – particularly handwashing!
  2. If you have a particular worry or concern contact the school directly using normal communication channels. We are aware that some social media use is compromising the school’s best efforts to minimise any unnecessary apprehension for children and their families.
  3. Please be patient with us – we are prioritising the response to the Coronavirus which may mean we are taking a little longer to do and respond to other school matters.
  4. If your children are at home be mindful of their technology use. This is particularly in relation to:
  • Total amount of screen time
  • Accessing social media and media coverage that may raise their worry and apprehension.
  • Apps and online gaming platforms that are inappropriate for children of a junior school age e.g. Fortnite, Tik-Tok, Snapchat and Instagram.

For further information, please see

Thank you again for your ongoing understanding and cooperation and keep checking your emails for further updates over the next couple of days.


Mr Moses



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