Year 6 North Wales Kit Check

This will be for ALL participants on Monday 21 May in the Inner Courtyard (if wet, we will do our best to use 6DW). There will be a morning session from 8.30am-8.50am and an after school session from 3.40pm-4.00pm. Please arrive with the actual case/bag used for travel containing your child’s clothing and equipment for their trip. This should include the essential items listed below.

Essential Items:

- Luggage case/holdall used for travel
- Walking boots
- Waterproof and over trousers
- Walking socks (2 pairs)
- Gloves
- Water bottle(s) - at least 1.5-2 litres
- Insect repellent (not spray as this antagonises asthma sufferers!)
- Sunscreen
- Sunhat and sun glasses
- A suitable hiking rucksack

To ensure a fun but safe week away, the correct kit is expected. Please support your child in this matter. If your child does not possess the correct clothing or equipment for any activity at any stage during the preparation or trip they will not be allowed to take part.