Getting Involved (DBS)

We are always very pleased to have parents helping in school, so don't be shy! Art/craft, Music, French, computers, sewing, pottery, reading and the library are all areas where we would welcome your support – or an extra pair of hands in the classroom! So even if it's only for an hour, come in and help us to help your child. If you would like to help but are not sure how, please come in and talk to us.

All visitors are kindly asked to report to the School Office on arrival. Badges and signing in/out book are used for people remaining in the school building.


Parents and other adults who wish to help in school need attain the necessary DBS (Disclosure Barring System) clearance. 

Step 1:

Please use the following link to complete the online application:

Select 'Start Application'

Organisation Reference - 9362457
Organisation Code - priory1200

Step 2:

To verify your DBS, please bring in 3 forms of ID to Mrs Byrne in the School Office:

Document 1 - Passport
Document 2 - Driving Licence OR Birth/Marriage Certificate
Document 3 - Bank Statement OR Utility Bill (must be less than 3 months old)

Step 3:

Pleas read our Safeguarding Statement and our Safeguarding Policy. You will be required to sign to say that you have read these when you come into school.

The Governors have decided that a DBS expires after 3 years and that the holder must sign into school at least once every three months (so once a term at least) to keep the DBS current. 

We ask for a voluntary contribution of £7.75, as the school incurs an administration fee for the completion of a DBS.

The Update Service:

Please sign up for the DBS update service. If for any reason you are unable to help at school on a regular basis we can just use the update service to validate your DBS.

The update service is free to volunteers and enables you to use the same DBS check universally as long as it comes under the same workforce, where the same type and level of check is required.  You can subscribe to the update service online at

Please note you will need to subscribe within 30 days of the certificate issue date.