Year 6


Parent Guide to Learning At Home
Special Letter to the Children of Reigate Priory

In these new and exciting times, please work with us as we settle into this 'virtual' provision - we will review and evaluate to ensure the best possible offer going forward.

Pleased be advised that the Learning At Home provision will only be in operation for the period of closure as a result of the Coronavirus.

Year 6 class contact emails:
These will go live from midday Monday 23rd March and are ONLY for children who are learning from home.






Learning At Home for w/b 23rd March
Weekly Overview
Writing                  Helpful Vocab
Maths         Metric Measures     Calculation with Metric Measures    Measures at Home    Metric Measure Help Sheet     
SPaG       Homophones               Adverbs           Spellings
Topic        Maya Gods

SPaG    Homophones (bottom right of sheet)           Adverbs
Maths      Metric Measures             Calculation with Metric Measures

Writing and Topic should be shared with your child's class teacher via the email addresses given above - it can be attached as a Word document, PDF or as a photo.

Learning at Home w/b 30th March
Weekly Overview
Maths           Task 1               Task 2         Percentages Helpsheet        Codebreaker
Reading         Character Diary             Comprehension
SPaG   Guide to Relative Clauses     Relative Clauses Task     Homophone Task
Topic - Science            Graph Template          Record Sheet

Please check back on Friday for answers as appropriate. Remember you will be directed to send at last one, if not two pieces of learning back to your child's classteacher for them to review and offer feedback.

SPaG     Relative Clauses                  Homophones
Maths    Task 2                  Codebreaker
Writing and Topic should be shared with your child's class teacher via the email addresses given above - it can be attached as a Word document, PDF or as a photo.

Reigate Priory Special Easter Holiday Bingo - Week 1

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