Year 6

CURRICULUM PLANS and Related Documents

Autumn Term Curriculum Information
Spring Term Curriculum Information
Summer Term Curriculum Information

A Guide to English at Reigate Priory
Calculation Policy

Maths - Pupil Target booklet
Reading - Pupil Target booklet
Writing - Pupil Target booklet

Maths - Times Tables Booklet


KS2 Assessment Information Evening

Arithmetic Quiz 1
Arithmetic Quiz 2
Arithmetic Quiz 3
Arithmetic Quiz 4
Arithmetic Quiz 5
Grammar and Punctuation
Reading Fiction - The Snow Queen
Reading Non Fiction - Rosa Parks
Reading Parents Information
Reading Poetry - The Tyger
Reasoning Quiz 1 Guidance
Reasoning Quiz 1
Reasoning Quiz 2 Guidance
Reasoning Quiz 2
Reasoning Quiz 3 Guidance
Reasoning Quiz 3
Reasoning Quiz 4 Guidance
Reasoning Quiz 4
Reasoning Quiz 5 Guidance
Reasoning Quiz 5
SATs Survival Reasoning Pack Guidance
SATs Survival Spelling Pack Guidance
Spelling Quiz 1
Spelling Quiz 2
Spelling Quiz 3
Spelling Quiz 4
Spelling Quiz 5

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Year 6 Parent Information Letter
Year 6 Autumn Term Activities 2019
Year 6 Spring Term Activities 2020
Year 6 Summer Term Activities 2020

Reigate Priory's Top 50 Books


Ski Italy Information Letter
Ski Italy Kit List
Ski Italy Update Letter (Oct 2019)

North Wales Information Letter
North Wales Update Letter (Oct 2019)

Discovery or Adventure Confirmation Letter

North Wales Kit List 2020
North Wales Final Info (week 1)
North Wales Final Info (week 2)
North Wales Final Info (week 2) DISCOVERY
North Wales Extended Walk & Kit Check 2020