Special Video Links

Unique times bring new and special opportunities for members of our learning community.

Click on the links below to access some new and previous videos created by Reigate Priory Staff to add to the Learning at Home.

Priory families should check their Parentmail for the password to access our videos.

Mr Shepherd's Lockdown 3.0 Fitness Sessions

Session 1 - 13.01.2021

Miss Edmonds' Lockdown 3.0 Fitness Sessions

Session 1 - 20.01.2021

The Priory Library

Mrs Dean's Story

Mrs Lambert's Story

Mrs Fry's Story

Mrs Brown's Story

Mrs Francis' Story

Mrs Ewbank's Story

Mr Moses' Story

Miss Winterton's Story

Mrs Feagan's Story

Miss Marlow's Story

Miss Lloyd's Story

Mr Wallington's Story

Miss Curtis' Story

Mr Shepherd's Story

Miss Edmonds' Story part 1

Miss Edmond's Story part 2 

Mrs Boothroyd's Story

Mrs Maestro's Story part 1

Mrs Maestro part 2

Mr Coring's Story

Mrs Tutty's Video

Miss Barnard's Story

Miss Pettifor's Story

Mr Pearce's Story

Miss Smith's Story

Miss Pelegani's Story

Miss Traynor's Story