Online Safety

The internet is a fantastic place to be creative, to learn and to communicate with friends. Young people may feel they have the technical skills, but they still need advice and protection to keep them safe when going online. 

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Should you wish to make a report on online misuse, please click on the link below:

Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP)

Steps to encouraging better technology and internet use:

1) Sensible Screen Time - Consider what content they are accessing and for how long.

2) Bold Boundaries - Consider where the technology lives in your house, what apps children are allowed to access, who they are allowed to contact. Be clear and consistent with this.

3) Don't Pull the Plug - Consider giving them reasonable warning tim about coming off the technology.

4) Keep Talking - Around 60% of children say their parents do not discuss issues around digital life.

5) Engage in their World - Take a healthy interest, find out about favourite apps, bloggers etc.

6) Bedtime Bans - The NHS recommends 9 - 10 hours sleep at night. Remove temptation and improve sleep quality by ensuring that all technology is left outside their room.

Websites that offer valuable guidance and support:

National Online Safety

Parent Info from CEOP and Parent Zone

Educate against Hate

The Breck Foundation

Net Aware


Policy for Mobile Phone Use by Children at Reigate Priory School